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Why Satin?

The benefits of satin for hair have been known for generations, but never has it gained such popularity. Now, more than ever, satin is trending, thanks to its remarkable results widely shared and endorsed by those who include it into their daily routines.

Its incredible smooth and soft texture effectively eliminates friction and prevents moisture loss in the strands. Noticeable results become evident from the very first use, particularly for dry and sensitive hair.

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● This option provides a looser feel to the hair, perfect for those who appreciate freedom during the night without sacrificing the Anti-Frizz benefits of Satin..

● Ideal for travellers, as satin dries quickly, allowing it to be used just a few hours after washing.

● With its 50x65 size, it elegantly fits on almost all pillows, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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● Our quality satin ensures up to 90% control over frizz and dryness.

●Its generous design accommodates even voluminous hair without causing flattening.

● Featuring a large elastic band, you can effortlessly adjust it to perfection in just three steps.

● Crafted using interlock stitching, a reinforced machine ideal for high-end sewing and delicate fabrics.

● Composed of pure 100% polyester, the fabric's blend-free nature allows for recyclability at the end of its lifespan.

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● Ideal for long, straight, or curly hair.

● Anti-shrinkage.

● Equipped with an adjustable elastic band.

● Perfect for braids, box braids, and dreads.

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●Ergonomic and tapered design enables quick and efficient drying, even at warm temperatures and medium speeds.

● The satin side is positioned inward, in direct contact with the hair, ensuring an Anti-Frizz effect.

● Features a satin ribbon to prevent air leakage from the sides of the cap.

● Its hands-free feature allows you to multitask while your hair dries.

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● Effortless drying for your hair.

● Bid farewell to shrinkage!

● Featuring a strategic opening that simplifies the dressing process while preserving your meticulously styled hair.

● Ideal for braids, box braids, dreads, and anyone seeking to avoid the discomfort of shrinkage caused by the standard sized diffuser caps.

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● Every woman knows that satin scrunchies are a must-have; if they're not adorning the hair, they're on the wrist, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to shine. They are ideal companions for your hair because:

● Prevent Frizz

● Minimize breakage

● Leave no hair creases

● Ideal for pineapple bun

● It's trendy and super stylish!

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● The name is self-explanatory: its flexible design copies tentacles that gently move during detangling.

● Shape curls perfectly, promoting definition and volume.

● Crafted from lightweight material and an ergonomic design.

● Effortless and pain-free detangling!

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● ● Our Smart towel pampers your hair with the care it deserves! It can also be placed over your shoulders to protect your clothes from getting damp or covered in haircare products.

● Perfect for the plopping technique

● Designed with strings and buttons for efficient use.

● The double layer ensures optimal absorption, removing just the right amount of moisture.

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●In addition to all the benefits of a satin scrunchie, this model features a discreet zipper for you to store small items, perfect for keys, money, a lipstick, or even a card.

Imagem 10

● This revolutionary cap features an exclusive design from Soulta Beauty, allowing it to be easily worn by specially voluminous hair.

● Inner lining is made of satin, preventing friction and avoiding absorbing your hair's natural moisture.

● Crafted from microfiber with UPF 50+ protection, it's the perfect choice for enjoying a sunny day with a frizz-free hair.

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About Us!

Founded by Brazilian professional Ana Libardo, who brings over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Soulta stands as a benchmark in natural and chemically treated hair care.

Specializing in the transition process and maintenance of textured hair, Ana's expertise inspired her to create solutions that catered to her clients' needs.

At Soulta, our pillars of comfort, results, and self-esteem underpin everything we do. We are a global beauty powerhouse, built on enthusiasm and unwavering dedication, committed to bringing accessories that truly make a difference in people's haircare routine.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility drives us to manufacture our products with sustainability at the forefront. We are fully aware of our responsibility regarding the environmental impacts we generate and take deliberate steps to minimize our ecological footprint.






Can anyone sell Soulta products?

Yes, anyone can become a Soulta partner! Upon registration, we will guide you to the business model that best suits your profile, whether it's as an authorized reseller, distributor, affiliate, or even as a co-brand partnership.

Where does Soulta ship to?

Certainly! Soulta caters to customers worldwide. We operate from three key distribution centers located in Brasil, Portugal, and the USA. Leveraging a network of over 40 carriers, we ensure efficient deliveries throughout the entire globe.

Can I be both: an authorized reseller and an affiliate?

For resellers, we offer flexible payment options, including installment payments up to 3 times with no interest, payment via cash voucher upfront, or a discount with Pix. For affiliates, entry is simple: no investment is required, just promote our products and receive a 15% commission for each sale made through your link or discount coupon. This option is available for online sales only.

Can I test the products before making a purchase?

Absolutely! Many of our partners take advantage of this opportunity, combining the benefits of being an authorized reseller and an affiliate. This allows you to reach an even larger audience, expanding your sales opportunities.

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